Dorset Adventure Park Is Back For The Summer!

With Dorset Adventure Park opening for the summer from Saturday the 21st of May, it is time to take a look at what wet and wild adventures await you this Summer season. Find out more about Dorset’s wildest day out and discover what other visitors have to say about their aquatic adventures.

“What a fantastic day out for all the family …

We have not laughed so much in ages. Strongly recommend it to all ages!” Tripadvisor Review, August 2021 


Across the country the month of May marks the beginning of summer. Where I come from, we usher in the new summer season with May-Day festivals, fetes, flora dances, parades, processions, fireworks, farewells to winter and fun. Marking the beginning of the Summer months with a celebration is a tradition almost as ancient as the stars. In Dorset, you know Summer is really starting when Dorset Adventure Park opens up the gates and welcomes you back in to play once more.

What is there to do at Dorset Adventure Park?

 Dorset Adventure Park is home to its two beautiful bright blue lakes that are wrapped within 18 acres of gorgeous Purbeck woodland. The woodland and the lakes are found at the base of the spectacular and historic Corfe Castle. With the castle overlooking the lakes and so visible from the waterpark, visitors can even  imagine that you are charging into battle like the soldiers that fought Corfe Castle throughout the centuries, as you race across the lakes and challenge each other through the famous mud trail. 

“Kids and adults always have a great time here, easy to park, very well staffed and a lovely location. Thank you!” – Tripadvisor Review, September 2021

Water park

What is the Mud trail?

Dorset Adventure Park is the picturesque spot that is in fact the location of a 2km long assault course with 50 obstacles for you, your friends and your family to conquer! If you are a fan of a theme park then an adventure park could be just the ticket for you this summer. Swap wild rides and become the rider of the wild as you tackle the beam balancing over the massive pool of mud, climb over and around the cargo nets that hover over more muddy puddles. Do your best army impression as you tackle your way through the mud crawls and clamber into the murky depths as you cascade down the giant mudslide! Designed for maximum muddy amusement – laugh together as you battle your way through the trail made of mud and filled with obstacles for you to overcome. Compete and cover yourself in mud, as we say on this fun mud run, the mud may wash off but the memories stick!

“We then completed the mud run which was loads of fun… I would highly recommend it if you like water, mud and a good laugh.– Tripadvisor Review, 

August 2021


What about Safety?

Are you looking for some great family days out in Dorset and think an outdoor assault course and aqua park sound really fun but are concerned about the safety? Then rest assured, the waterpark is fully lifeguarded and well staffed with both lifeguards and instructors stationed on the lakes and at relevant access points. Here are what just a few of our visitors have had to say about our amazing lifeguards, staff and instructors:

“The staff were also great and took their time to explain how best to tackle obstacles such as the giant pillows for maximum enjoyment! The staff were constantly on hand to help – the slightly older male lifeguard was particularly knowledgeable and friendly.” – Tripadvisor review, August 2021

“All the staff around the park are helpful.” – Tripadvisor Review, August 2021

 “Friendly staff throughout.” – Tripadvisor Review, August 2021

“We received a good safety brief … The lifeguards did a great job not only for safety and rules but also picking people out of the water when they couldn’t quite get back on the inflatables.” – Tripadvisor Review, September 2021

“Great atmosphere, well organised and friendly, helpful staff.” – Tripadvisor Review, August 2021

“Staff were excellent (Katie and Chris especially) who had big smiles and helped the kids out.” – Tripadvisor Review, August 2021


Is Dorset Adventure Park Better For Children or Adults?

If you think a splash park is just for kids, think again! Throughout the summer Dorset Adventure Park welcomes hundreds of groups of friends getting together and adult parties celebrating anything from big birthdays to Stag and Hen dos! Somewhere that is suitable for a Stag do sounds like a place that is not suitable for children. Wrong again! As thousands of our visitors are a testament to, Dorset Adventure Park is a fantastic place for families and children. From school leavers’ groups, brilliant birthday parties and fun family trips out, we see visitors return throughout the year and time and time again through the seasons. Dorset Adventure Park manges to be a perfect place for both adults and children to enjoy because it is essentially all about having fun bouncing, splashing, racing and playing on the water and in the mud! It is fun and exciting for all and through organisation, staffing and lifeguarding, suitable for adults and children alike!

“We visited the water park as a group of adults in our 20s and all had a great time.” Tripadvisor Review, August 2021

“Great fun for everyone! Absolutely brilliant! We took our kids last weekend. At first they were a little apprehensive. As soon as they were in the water, they totally loved it. The staff were great and the setup was ace. The youngest of ours 

being just 8 thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Tripadvisor Review, August, 2021

“We visited the water park as a group of adults in our 20s and all had a great time.” -Tripadvisor Review, August 2021

Hen Party
Stag Party

Whether you are looking for places to visit with your children this summer or even if you are just a big kid at heart, it’s time to go to an adventure playground just right for you – and perfect for the summer days ahead. Rain or shine, you will get wet and muddy together at Dorset Adventure Park!

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