Fantastic Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers Day
Get ready for Father’s Day with our gift guide for all the best present ideas for your adventure loving Dads. From fun and retro, to sweet and sentimental, adventures big and small - there really is something for everyone and every budget. 

This week the WhatsApp conversations with my siblings have read along the lines of: “Has anyone got any Father’s Day present ideas? We can’t all give him socks and chocolate again.” A pack of nice new socks and delicious chocolates is an easy win. Really we all love them and hope for them every Christmas. Unfortunately, the easiness of that win does make it a bit predictable and runs the risk of being slightly underwhelming and a tad repetitive as a Father’s Day gift. Now, add a really lovely message in a card or another gift with a more personal touch and it’s problem solved. Let’s face it though, Dads are really hard to buy for. They also seem to always tell you not to spend too much money on them, buy them anything, or generally express any wants or needs. It is hard to know how big or small to go with a gift on Father’s Day, especially if you have siblings because then they all need to be fairly equal levels of gesture. This year, one sibling wants to give a fig tree. That’s a beautiful present but I was going to buy a book and so I’m now scrambling around trying to find something else before Sunday the 16th of June. If you too are looking for some last-minute golden gift ideas then look no further. Be it for the Dorset dads or for the globetrotters, this is a Father’s Day gift guide for every budget. 

Something Sentimental

With our phones taking such great photos and videos, we don’t often take the time to print photos anymore. A really achievable and thoughtful present idea is printing a favourite photo and getting it framed. Most framers or your local boots will have a machine that allows you to quickly print photos from your phones and a framers will mount and present it for you beautifully. We recommend Dorset Framers in Poole or In The Frame who are based in Highcliffe, Dorset.   

Something Scented

We buy flowers on Mother’s Day but not everyone thinks to do the same for the Fathers. A beautiful bunch of flowers can be an unexpectedly wonderful gift for any parent and a brilliant way to brighten up anyone’s day. We recommend sourcing your bouquet from local Swanage florist Tied.

Something Practical 

Dad’s are often practical creatures and enjoy a good practical present. If you want to find a practical present that feels a little more elevated and interesting than something practical that they would just buy for themselves, try the Drop Recycled Wash Kit by Passenger. Wash bags are always incredibly useful and this one feels a bit more stylish and cool, like something Indiana Jones or Jason Bourne would use.

Something Retro

Staying with outdoor lifestyle brand Passenger for a moment longer, their range of retro 80’s / 90’s inspired backpacks are worth note. Also made from recycled fabrics and available in a range of sizes, we like the Boondocker Recycled 26L Backpack. The retro colour block style is a fun and playful update for another practical but thoughtful gift. This backpack is designed to be, “compact enough to handle the basics and big enough to haul the essentials when we roam.” Roaming can be anything from adventurous hikes, travels, days out and picnics – either way, have fun with it.  

Something Cool

Speaking of retro and picnics, have you seen the Igloo Retro 25QT Picnic Cooler Box? This iconic American cooler brand is actually available at B&Q! Specifically styled after the fashion and feel of the 90’s, the cooler is a:  “flashback to the ‘90s when colours were bright, phones had cords and the party never ended. The Retro Picnic Basket replicates Igloo’s classic design everyone loved back in the day that’s still perfect for beach days, park visits and any other outdoor adventure.” Make your Dad feel like the king of all of your sandcastles once again with this vintage styled gift. It is a nod to happy childhood memories and an invitation to make more.

Something Small

Not all thoughtful presents have to be big and colourful, some can literally be small and thoughtful. As much as some of us can hear the call to the wild, life doesn’t always allow for epic adventures, especially if you have the responsibility of being a parent. That’s where these gifts come in! The Grand Adventures National Trust Map has something of the whimsy of a Wes Anderson movie about it. The illustrated map, “marks every National Trust property and place, from country houses and castles to perfect beaches and breathtaking countryside. As well as all the practical information you need, such as cities and towns, roads, railways and rivers, it provides a wealth of surprising and fun trivia too, such as the UK’s most haunted sites and local specialities. There are lots of suggested trips as well, including steam train rides, boat rides and walks.” 

Another option or complimenting present choice would be the book Achievable Adventures: A Practical Guide: 52 of the UK’s Most Unforgettable Experiences. This book aims to reframe our relationships with adventure and make the most of the wonders on our own doorsteps. 

Something Adventurous

If it is an epic adventure and a fun family day out that you think your Father will appreciate the most, then a gift card for Dorset Adventure Park is just the ticket! The best present we can give our parents is the promise of spending quality time together and Dorset Adventure Park is the perfect place to provide that. Challenge each other to race through the mud trail – over, under and through the 50 obstacles and the most muddy route you ever crossed. Laugh your way over the lakes and spend some quality time together laughing on the wibit inflatable obstacle course, across both of the two lakes at Dorset Adventure Park. You can even purchase some professional photos of your day out, which will be perfect for framing and gifting your Dad with next year! Whichever course you choose, both paths lead to a day out making memories together that you will never forget. Afterall treasured memories together is all any parent really wishes for. 

Words by Olivia Lowry

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