Summer Holiday Fun

Looking for fun and active days out that won’t break the bank this summer? Look no further than Dorset Adventure Park.

Outdoor Adventures For The Summer Holidays

Schools out for summer. The sun’s out, the kids are home, and the weeks stretch before them filled with the promise of endless adventure. So, what will they get up to? Exploring on their bikes for hours sustained by nothing more than a few dusty blackberries picked from the side of the road? Perhaps your child’s days are spent running carefree through fields of wheat before scrumping some apples from the garden of the grumpy local farmer? No? Me neither.

Maybe your kids discover an ancient-looking treasure map in the loft and round up a motley crew of friends to go hunting for hidden treasure and hordes of secret pirate gold, in the hope of warding off some unscrupulous property developers who are about to foreclose on your beloved family home? All the while being pursued by ruthless criminals, determined to ensure they alone get their hands One-Eyed Willies plundered gold. Did our summer adventures really used to be like this back in the 80’s, or did I just describe the plot of The Goonies?

If your kids are anything like mine, the promise of all these outdoor adventures apparently hold little interest for them. Chances are, only a few days into the holidays, they’re already complaining about being bored. Whilst the country basks in a heatwave, they complain that it’s too hot to go outside. Or do any form of physical activity. Or just move in general.

Instead, they remain sitting listlessly at home in front of the TV or ensconced in their phones or video games, totally oblivious and/or indifferent to the glorious weather and scenery outside. As parents, the summer holidays can be one of the most difficult times of the year. We often feel guilty about spending too much time at work, desperately clubbing together with other parents to arrange play dates, day trips, visits to the cinema or swimming pool. Anything to keep the kids from getting bored.

Of course, there are plenty of holiday clubs and summer time activities to get the kids involved in, but they are invariably expensive and require military precision when it comes to arranging drop offs and collections around working hours. Perhaps because we often get to spend so little time with our kids, that’s why we cherish our time together so much.

This summer holiday, why not get involved as a family in something that’s fun, active and perhaps best of all, won’t break the bank? What do we suggest, we hear you cry? Well, we have one or two ideas.

If you’re looking for fun family activities in Dorset this summer, here at Dorset Adventure Park we offer the perfect heatwave-friendly day (or days) out. As the mercury tips towards the mid-30s, what better way to cool off that with a splash in one of our two beautiful waterpark lakes? Take on a series of Totally Wipeout- style obstacles in an activity that’s a perfect way to spend time together as a family, and a welcome antidote to the pervasive and potentially damaging effects of the online world.

Alternatively, you might like to enjoy the cooling effects of covering yourself in mud as you attempt to negotiate the challenging assault course of our mud trail. Ideal entertainment, even on those days when the sun may not be shining. In fact, it’s the perfect wet day activity, you’re going to get wet and muddy, so on those holiday days when the weather takes a turn for the worst, why not embrace it? Like the water park, the mud trail offers a challenge for all ages, test yourselves in team races, or time yourselves over the course utilising every ounce of your skills, strength and physical endurance.

After you’ve stopped laughing and rinsed off the mud, why not take time to explore the local area? Of course, it helps that we’re surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Purbeck Hills, and only a stones’ throw from the majestic sights of Corfe Castle with its welcoming tea rooms and pubs, so we’re perfectly located for a day trip if you fancy exploring the scenery on our doorstep.

Outdoor adventures have never seemed so important than in the current time. Getting away from the online world and spending time in the great outdoors can be a tonic for so many things. It’s great for our mental and physical health, it helps clear the mind and rejuvenate after a long term at school, or too many days spent in the office. Dorset Adventure Park is a great way to keep the kids entertained this summer holiday, but besides the park, Dorset offers so many options for summer holiday outdoor adventures.

Maybe your life isn’t a Famous Five novel, and your days aren’t spent foiling criminal plots and solving mysteries much in the way you used to in your youth. However, here in Dorset there are multiple mysteries to be solved and treasures to uncover. There’s fossil hunting to be found on the coast, or searching for dinosaur footprints, exploring by bike, seeking out hidden coves for a swim, or trying your hand at paddle-boarding or kayaking. Yes, life seemed more carefree when we were kids, but that doesn’t mean the adventures have to stop. It just makes us appreciate the family time we spent together that bit more. We hope to see you at the park this summer holiday for your own little outdoor adventure.

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