Why Dorset Adventure Park Is The Best Water Park In Europe

Time Out London has reported that Dorset Adventure Park ranked the highest as the very best waterpark in Europe! Discover what makes Dorset Adventure Park the number one place to be!

A recent article published by Time Out London has revealed that Dorset Adventure Park ranked as the number one best waterpark in all of Europe. It may come as a bit of a surprise that an aqua park in the picturesque Dorset would knock much bigger competition out of the park (excuse the pun). The article reveals that in a, “study that examined 852 water parks across 29 countries,” Dorset Adventure Park ranked the highest. That is certainly a lot of water parks to be compared to. Why is it that Dorset Adventure Park scored so highly compared to other amazing water and adventure parks across Europe; including Spain, Croatia and Denmark? 

One of the reasons this Purbeck water park is so highly rated compared to some absolutely gigantic water parks in Europe – many of which include numerous water pools and even some really quite extreme roller coasters – is because Dorset Adventure Park is very much a family, friendly and fantastically managed water park. Being relatively smaller than many of the European competitors, this adventure park is able to provide outstanding customer service and therefore an exceptional experience. 

This Dorset theme park is a family-run business, with a staff that work closely as a team. With teams of trained lifeguards always on duty and interacting with visitors, people are able to really relax because they feel safe and enjoy themselves more. With two lakes and a mud trail obstacle course, each part of Dorset Adventure Park is not just closely monitored by its staff, but they actively engage with each section and the visitors experiencing it. 

When the staff are having a good time, you know the visitors are going to as well!” This is testament to many of the fantastic reviews of visitors’ experiences. From as recently as the 1st of August this year, TripAdvisor feedback saw one visitor sharing how, “both the waterpark and mud trail are amazing! We had such a super time at the water park. Katie and Rachel were superb lifeguards and added to our fun while always making sure everyone present was safe! Rachel was about during our mud trail as well and added to the fun, with her great personality and humour.” Dorset’s outdoor water park works so well as a visitor attraction because the size is perfect for fun-filled, action-packed adventure, on a scale that is maintainable for a staff that are able to work closely as a team. A relatively smaller aqua park is also perfect for a family adventure that everyone can enjoy but won’t be overwhelmed by. 

It is exciting that Dorset Adventure Park scored as the top-rated Water park in the recent study, but you don’t just  have to take their word for it. Here are some reviews from families who recently visited Dorset Adventure Park this summer:

“Great fun for family and friends, we all laughed a lot. Did both water areas and the muddy run on one of the hottest days of the year.”

“A must for any family day out! Kids just loved it. They did the water park then the mud trail. Great burger and chips and proper soft ice cream served on site at reasonable prices. Definitely a must for any family day out.”

 “Fantastic site, was a bit apprehensive to begin with but that was immediately changed. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I loved how we changed lakes halfway, as this added to the fun and excitement. Really great day out and good value for money.”

“We took my daughter and her friends for her 9th birthday, and they all absolutely loved it… almost as much as the adults! Staff were friendly and helpful, highly recommended!!”

“First time visiting, genuine family fun, friendly, welcoming staff, way more professional than other aqua parks I’ve been too.

A must if you’re going to Purbeck.”

Be it Hen parties, Stag, birthday, team building, friends and family days out, Dorset Adventure Park facilitates and celebrates them all. Indeed, a group of young people who visited this July said that, “had such a great time here! As a group of 13 teenagers, we couldn’t find many activities that we could agree on, however, the water park was a definite yes from all of us! Would 100% recommend- all staff were lovely and the view of the castle was amazing!” 

It is not just the hilarity of the outrageously muddy mud trail (seriously, have you seen the pictures?) or the buoyant joy of leaping across the Wibit inflatables on top of the two sparkling lakes, but the staff that make for an unforgettable experience. This tight-knit community and camaraderie created at Dorset Adventure Park speaks volumes when visitors share their experiences. As another visitor from this July revealed, it was their interaction with the staff and the lifeguards that really made their experience so fun and memorable; “lifeguards great fun! They really make the experience.”

In fact, the atmosphere and lifeguard’s at Dorset Adventure Park is so positive that a visitor got in touch to let the team know what a lasting impact they had on their son.  The visitor revealed that, “when he was 11 he met your lifeguards and was obsessed that it was what he wanted to do. So, 5 years on, he qualified just after his 16th birthday … and bagged himself a job at our local waterpark. It was your awesome engaging lifeguards he met when he was 11 that sowed the seed…he is literally living his dream job and it started at Dorset Adventure Park.” This really goes to show what an incredible team continues to be built and grown at Dorset Adventure Park and how valuable that care and enthusiasm is for the people who visit. 

As said by Time Out London and by you, a Dorset day out just isn’t complete without a visit to the adventure park this summer. 

Words by Olivia Lowry

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