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Do you want to have the ultimate adventure job this summer and work at Europe's best waterpark? Applications open soon to become a lifeguard at Dorset Adventure Park for the 2024 season. Get in quick for the chance of a lifetime and a summer you’ll never forget!

Dorset Adventure Park are ready to train and hire their next round of lifeguards for the upcoming summer season. Could this be the role for you? Discover more about becoming a lifeguard at Dorset Adventure Park and just how it can really give you a boost with your careers and UCAS applications going forward. 

About The Role

Lifeguards play a vital role at Dorset Adventure Park and are at the heart of the experience. You will receive full training and gain qualifications in order to provide the best experience for everyone. The lifeguards work together to both monitor the activities on the lakes, total wipeout and mud obstacle trail and to get actively stuck in – instructing visitors and taking part, guiding them across the activities. This is a job role where you are an active and fun part of the incredible outdoor experience. Other aspects of the Lifeguarding job role includes: handing out the kit before each session, pumping and safety checks of the absolutely epic lake-top inflatables, supervising the mud trail and annual colour-run and a daily packdown. 

Is This A Volunteer Or Paid Role?

This is a paid job role. Charities like the RNLI do rely on essential volunteer lifeboat crews but lifeguards at Dorset Adventure Park are paid job roles and are in fact higher paid than the already increased National Living Wage. Roles at Dorset Adventure Park are paid:

Years of Age Hourly Wage
16 – 17£7.25
18 – 20£9.75
21 +£12.82

Why Will This Job Look Good On My UCAS Application?

There are many useful benefits of having a seasonal and summer job when you are thinking about university applications. This is because a summer job is a brilliant opportunity to develop your time management skills and demonstrate that you are responsible and reliable. Even if it isn’t a career you want to pursue later in life, the right summer job will give you the chance to achieve so many transferable skills. This is because it shows that you have great communication skills, that you are a team player who can work with other people, that you are motivated and can literally overcome obstacles! Most essential of all, with the right summer job you will gain and boost your confidence and self esteem.  

 A lifeguarding job at Dorset Adventure Park could give you a real edge with your UCAS applications. This is because many of the qualities that will make you right for the role and that you will develop through the role, are the skills and qualities that UCAS want you to develop. An article on the UCAS website cites that going forward in your careers, employers will looks for these qualities:

  • A good, positive attitude
  • The ability to be motivated to overcome obstacles
  • Punctuality, flexibility and verbal communication skills

The same article recommends that engaging in sport-like activities demonstrates that you have developed teamwork skills and that you demonstrate motivation, commitment and perseverance through specific training.   

When you are applying for university your UCAS personal statement needs to stand out from the crowd. UCAS recommends you do this by:

  • Talking about achievements you are proud of
  • Showing positions of responsibility that you have held
  • Talk about the things that make you interesting, special and unique
  • Try to link any experience to skills or qualities that’ll make you successful.

Becoming a lifeguard at Dorset Adventure Park meets the qualities because:

  • It is an achievement to gain the lifeguarding skills and qualifications
  • The lifeguard training shows that you are motivated, committed, have perseverance and are willing to learn
  • Lifeguards are responsible, reliable and trustworthy
  • Your verbal communication skills can be demonstrated through the talks and instructions you will give
  • The role shows that you are a team player with a good attitude
  • It is a unique job role and so is an example of something interesting, special and unique about you

Who Are Dorset Adventure Park Looking For?

Dorset Adventure Park is looking for people who love the outdoors, are fairly confident and have good people skills. The qualities will develop further after a summer working as a tight team and seeing what a difference you make to the visitor experience. 

This is the job for you if you really enjoy the thought of working outside this summer, being in the water, love adventurous activities and having great chats with people! It is a unique opportunity to gain great skills, earn money and have the best summer of fun!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Read our testimonials from some of the lifeguards who worked at Dorset Adventure Park last summer. Get your applications in for the chance to have the ultimate adventure job and one unforgettable summer at Dorset Adventure Park!

I love being a lifeguard as it’s so much fun and a unique place to work. The staff are amazing and providing sessions for people at the Waterpark and looking out for their safety is a great job to have. In winter I’m constantly thinking about working in summer again.” – Ebony

It’s the best job in the world. Best staff, best place and so much fun.” – Jamie

Becoming a lifeguard is one of the best decisions I have made and I love every moment of it.” – Bethan

For me the best part of the job is the people, everyone here is fantastic and it’s great to know we’ve all got each other’s backs.” – Will

Words by Olivia Lowry.

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