Terms & Conditions

YOU MUST ARRIVE AT LEAST 45 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SESSION TIME This will allow you time to check in, get changed and have your safety briefing if you are using the Waterpark. If you are late we will do our very best to catch you up or move you onto an alternative session, but this is at our discretion and we may not be able to do so.

Signing your waivers

PLEASE COMPLETE YOUR WAIVERS BEFORE ARRIVAL! The link for the waivers will be sent across in your confirmation email.


Full payment is required on booking. In the result of a cancellation, a 50% refund is available if cancelled more than 48 hours in advance or full credit to be used at a later date in the same year. No refunds are available if cancelled within 48 hours of your session.


Sessions will continue as normal if it is raining; you’re going to get wet anyway! We will only cancel a session if we experience lightning within 5 miles or high winds above beaufort force 7. Weather forecasts do not necessarily mean that we will experience that weather, we are in a very sheltered location and historically it tends to miss us. If we do need to cancel a session we will give you as much notice as we can and offer you a refund or reschedule your session. If you choose not to take part.


Only cameras mounted with a chest harness can be taken on the Waterpark. We have a few cameras around our site to capture the moment. Please be aware that you may inadvertently photo bomb some shots. If you do not wish photos and videos including your image to be used for promotional purposes please inform reception staff on arrival.

Acknowledgement of Risk

Both Dorset Waterpark and Mud Trail are activities of physical nature, with undulating ground with natural obstacles and hazards in addition to the obstacles constructed by Dorset Waterpark Ltd.

Dorset Waterpark and Dorset Mud Trail are physically demanding activities and accidental injury is possible. Possible injuries include, but are not limited to; cuts, grazes, sprains and bone fractures, but more severe injuries can happen including loss of consciousness or drowning. You must report any accidents or injuries, no matter how small, to a member of staff.

It’s very important that we know of any pre-existing health issues which may impact on your or your children’s participation, such as but not limited to; back/neck injuries, diabetes, epilepsy, respiratory, cardiovascular, psychological, past dislocation injuries, pregnancy or other health considerations potentially affecting a participant’s performance. If any of your party have any of the conditions listed in our Medical Conditions you must make us aware.

If you suffered from an episode of diarrhoea and vomiting in the 7 days prior to your visit you must inform a member of staff on arrival.

If appropriate, inhalers and epipens and any other important medical equipment or medication must be easily accessible should you require them. You must make staff aware if you have any.

Participants must follow instructions given by staff at all times. Participants must not use the Waterpark whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We have the right to terminate your session and ask you to leave if we see fit.

Dorset Waterpark Restrictions

Minimum age 6.

It is strongly recommended that under 12’s are accompanied by an adult on the water on a 1:4 ratio.

Max weight 115kg (18 stone).

Participants must be confident in deep water and be able to swim 50 metres with a buoyancy aid or float, and 10 metres without.

All under 18’s need to have a parent or guardian present at the safety briefing to verbally consent to the child taking part. If it is not possible for a parent or guardian to be there then a signed consent form must be brought along on the day and given to our staff. You can find the consent form on our website to download.

Dorset Mud Trail Restrictions

Minimum age 3.

1 adult is required to supervise every 6 participating children. All children must have a parent of guardian present in order to take part.

Maximum weight 115kg (18 stone).

Participation may result in damage to clothing and personal items. We recommend that you don’t take not the trail, or wear anything valuable. Anything you do take onto the trail is at your own risk.

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