From Stocking Fillers to Thoughtful Gifters, Here is The Guide to the  Perfect Petite Present

Whether you are splurging or saving this Christmas, there is something magical about the perfect little present. Discover our guide for the gifts that can be slipped into a stocking, tucked into a card, hidden in the tree or placed in a palm.

Christmas is nearly here! Decorations are up, letters to Father Christmas written, lists made and elves on shelves. Whether you are feeling more Bah Humbug than Buddy from Elf, if we take the pressure off a little, we can find the magic in the little meaningful presents at Christmas. Charles Dickens published A Chritsmas Carol on December the 19th 1844 and by Christmas Eve it had already sold out. Apart from the Nativity, it is still one of the most famous Christmas stories and has been retold and adapted endlessly. With its moral lessons at heart, the biggest takeaway from our love of this story is not just for a perfect, wholesome nostalgia for a fictional Chritsmas but a reminder of what really matters. We love giving and receiving gifts but we love it not just for the thing itself but for what it shows. With every gift we show that we care. We show that we notice the little quirks and interests our loved ones have. It shows we pay attention because we love that person. There is something vulnerable in gift giving. We worry we will get it wrong because we want to get it right for them. To show them that they are seen, heard and above all loved. So, here are a few ideas for the little gifts that can show a lot of love.  

Playing Cards

Do not underestimate the brilliance of a really good pack of playing cards! They are the ideal size to fit into a stocking, they are a timeless gift and are beloved by children and adults alike. You can get a simple basic pack from most shops like WH Smith to a supermarket. However, here are a few other great options if you want it to feel a little more special. If your shopping for someone who is a big fan of Dorset Adventure Park then chances are that they enjoy some outdoors activities and adventures. Either of these two sets of playing cards would be an ideal fit for them. The Smokey Bear playing cards have great illustrations as well as important messaging for outdoor adventures.  Alternatively, these Great Outdoors playing cards also have beautiful woodcut style designs and the box they come in makes these cards feel suitably giftable. Now, if you would like a more traditional set of playing cards but like the boxed presentation that dresses up the humble playing card, then this option from Jaques London are the option for you.                                    

Vouchers, Memberships & Subscriptions 

Vouchers, memberships and subscriptions are a fantastic way to offer a thoughtful gift. It shows that you pay attention to what they like and enjoy, as well as providing more of those experiences. A voucher is a perfect size to fit inside a Christmas card and we recommend gifting a voucher for Dorset Adventure Park. That way when the winter gets that bit too cold, dark and boring, they know that they will soon be bouncing across the inflatable lake course or challenging their way across the mud obstacle trail.

Another brilliant option for adventure lovers or outdoor fans, is a subscription to National Geographic magazine. 

All of these enjoyments can be met with a membership to the National Trust. Dorset has so many great places to explore with the National Trust and the membership can be used up and down the country. 


There is a lot to love about stationary. One of the things that make stationary such a good little gift is that most people either really like it or will genuinely use it. If you want to splurge on someone there are lots of stationary options that someone might really want but wouldn’t spend on themselves. Equally, when you are on a budget or are looking for something both little in price and in size, stationary can fit both roles. For the young to old, the indoors type or the wild adventurer, there is stationary to suit them all. 

For the youngest, I recommend these brilliant bath crayons. Tactile, colourful and perfectly sized, these crayons are a great way to get little ones excited about learning the dexterity of holding writing tools, enjoy mark making, brighten up bathtime and it call all be wiped and washed away. 

For the adventure lovers then these passport sized notebooks from Travellers are the coolest and most compact companion. 

If there are those in your life who love art or interior design, then these stickers that look like paint charts samples are a great fun little gift.


Nothing feels more festive than the traditional knitwear exchange. Sadly Mrs Weasley is an interlude fictional character and so we won’t all be receiving woolly jumpers with our initials on. We can, however, gift a really great woolly hat, sheepskin slippers are some properly Nordic knitted socks. For hat options, I recommend the RNLI pom beanie from Finisterre. The cool kids of the nautical fashion industry whose products are spotted from coast to coast to Shoreditch. This hat looks great, supports the RNLI and Finisterre get bonus points for their repair and resell approach too. 

Not strictly knitwear but still technically woolly, these slippers are snuggly, stylish, made to last and another classic Christmas gift. Celtic and co have a great range of slippers for all ages but I think these scandi style clog slippers are the best of the bunch. 

Speaking of Scandi style, these Nordic Socks are an excellent choice this Christmas. It may be something of a joke that people always get socks at Christmas but that’s because they are actually a good gift. These are well made, have a great design and will keep you lovely and warm. Remember, it’s not Christmas without the woollen stockings after all. 


Games at Christmas go together like potatoes and gravy – perfection. Games are always a fun gift and can bring family and friends together. Board games make a great choice for those you know who are fans of Dorset adventure park, as they clearly like a challenge as well as being playful and a little competitive!

A great all round game to give is Monopoly Deal, a portable card alternative of the board game classic. 

An exciting board game option is Pandemic. Where you work cooperatively to save humanity from a threatening disease. This international award winning game could be the perfect catharsis for our global pandemic and makes for an engrossing game. 

Settlers of Catan has become a board game cult classic and is one worth gifting for your friends and family if they haven’t yet got it. It captivates children and adults alike who compete against each other in their quests for settlement.

Whatever you find to sneak into a stocking or to share together, we hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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