Dorset Adventure Park: Europe's Best Waterpark Revealed

A recent article published by Time Out London has revealed that Dorset Adventure Park ranked as the number one best waterpark in all of Europe. It may come as a bit of a surprise that an aqua park in the picturesque Dorset would knock much bigger competition out of the park (excuse the pun). The article reveals that in a, “study that examined 852 water parks across 29 countries,” Dorset Adventure Park ranked the highest. That is certainly a lot of water parks to be compared to. Why is it that Dorset Adventure Park scored so highly compared to other amazing water and adventure parks across Europe; including Spain, Croatia and Denmark?

This Dorset theme park is a family-run business, with a staff that work closely as a team. With teams of trained lifeguards always on duty and interacting with visitors, people are able to really relax because they feel safe and enjoy themselves more. With two lakes and a mud trail obstacle course, each part of Dorset Adventure Park is not just closely monitored by its staff, but they actively engage with each section and the visitors experiencing it.

“Fantastic site, was a bit apprehensive to begin with but that was immediately changed. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. I loved how we changed lakes halfway, as this added to the fun and excitement. Really great day out and good value for money.”

“First time visiting, genuine family fun, friendly, welcoming staff, way more professional than other aqua parks I’ve been too.”


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