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Discover what jobs are available this year at Dorset Adventure Park!

Do you love adventure? Do you love the outdoors? Do you like having fun? Do you like being at the centre of the action? Do you like having a job that actually makes a difference to someone’s day? Then Dorset Adventure Park is the place for you!

Dorset Adventure Park are looking to add to their amazing team for the 2023 season. After the absolutely incredible 2022 season, Time Out London ranked Dorset Adventure Park as the number one best waterpark in all of Europe and won the Tourism Attraction Award by the Purbeck Business Awards. Officially, this makes Dorset Adventure Park the most epic adventure to be a part of this 2023. 

Click on the following link to fill out your Team member’s job application at Dorset Adventure Park:


What is the best summer job?

Recently, I ran a poll asking people about the best summer job they ever had. I had so many different answers but all had the same common denominators. Some of my favourite summer jobs people told me about included: a Sammy the Seal Mascot at Newquay aquarium, selling ice-cream to foreign students, a sailor on boats and ships and someone else who was a VIP hostess at a club called ‘Sailors’. Each very different example involved these common traits: having fun, working by or on the water, being part of a team or a crew and happy memories. Sometimes living in a region that is a popular tourist destination can be irksome. The upside, however, is the benefit of more interesting and exciting seasonal jobs than other places. Growing up, I knew lots of friends and family who worked in really fun jobs over the tourist season. My oldest sister and my friends were outdoor pool lifeguards. Friends brothers were the ‘bout-boys’, ferrying people from a harbour to their vessels. For my first summer job, I sold ice-creams, pick-a-mix and made candy-floss in a shop run by a team of particularly unfriendly old ladies.  At the same time, the best seasonal job my sister ever had was working in the kitchens and cafe at Heligan Gardens (owned by the same team as the Eden Project). 

I was always jealous of the springs and summers they spent laughing with their team every day, being part of an amazing outdoor attraction, and coming home tired but genuinely happy. Meanwhile, I would miserably trudge through the door, bemoaning a day spent locked away from the outdoors and morale low from a day of thankless efforts and constant critique. The old ladies were genuinely stunned when I received my GCSE results that summer, and they realised that their youngest team member was not as stupid as they had treated me. It was a summer job so misery-making that I refused to go back to collect my final pay cheque just to avoid another depressing interaction.  

Jobs in environments like these are the ones to avoid. Another friend needed seasonal work and so spent a summer working all the hours in the day on a tractor, harvesting the wheat fields in Somerset. The problem was that he had terrible hay fever and so spent the entire season with a splitting headache, streaming eyes and nose and a face so swollen that he looked like the puffer fish from Spongebob Square Pants. So, if you have severe hay fever, maybe avoid that one too.

The Guardian once wrote about ‘The Worst Summer Jobs’ and each of them shared the commonality that not a one of them included: having fun, working outside, being on or by the water, or being part of a great team. Working at Dorset Adventure Park this 2023 season, you get all four! Apply and make memories of the best seasonal job you ever had.

What job roles are available?

Dorset Adventure Park is hiring Lifeguards, Receptionists and Snack Shack Staff. 

What are they looking for?

For the Lifeguard roles, Dorset Adventure Park are looking for people with confidence, good people skills and a passion for the outdoors! They will provide you with all the training you will need. Other aspects of the Lifeguarding job role will include handing out the kit before each session, pumping and safety checks of the epic Wibit inflatables, supervising the mud trail and a daily packdown. 

The Reception team is looking for people who are well-organised, have good people skills and confidence. As part of that job role, you will be tasked with signing people in, managing bookings, providing information and helping to keep everything running smoothly. 

The Snack Shack are looking for people who are passionate, have good people skills and are well-organised too. The job role includes cooking food for party groups and customers, serving drinks and re-stocking. Dorset Adventure Park provides you with a food hygiene training course, so even if you have no previous experience, you get all the training you need!

What makes working here special?

Dorset Adventure Park is such a uniquely cool place to be that there are many things that make working here pretty special. For one thing, there is the location – stunning woodland surroundings and an ancient, legendary castle right above you. Whilst writing about the water park last year, one thing that really struck me was how important the staff at Dorset Adventure Park are. The staff at Dorset Adventure Park quite literally made people’s day and also genuinely gave children role models that looked up to like superheroes. There aren’t many jobs you can have that really recognise and appreciate the work you do and the effort you make. Read the proof of this below in just some of the TripAdvisor quotes from the last 2022 season. 

“The staff were all really friendly, helpful and fun themselves too!”

“The lifeguards really make the place safe-a special mention to Katie for being so great with our children. We will definitely come back next summer.”

“Big up Ludo the lifeguard absolute legend, showing me cool flips and stuff!”

“Rachal and Katy were an amazing help! Both were great with the kids whilst also being professional. Massive thank you to those two for making the adventure a good one!”

“Guy taught me and 3 of my mates how to backflip in 5 minutes.”

“All the staff were friendly and helpful!”

“Absolutely brilliant! From the friendly and helpful staff at reception to the amazing lifeguards…..we had Will and Katey, who were so attentive and great at their job.”

“This place is great. The staff really makes it.”

  • Words by Olivia Lowry
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