Why Dorset is The Perfect Place for your 2021 Summer Staycation

With Dorset Adventure Park opening its gates from Saturday 22nd May, it feels like a great time to tell you why Dorset is the perfect place for your summer staycation.

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m going to guess that we could all do with a break, a holiday, frankly an afternoon off would be just lovely. It’s been a very draining year, a rollercoaster and a very slow moving, low octane nightmarish trudge. There have been highlights, celebrations, love stories and light at the end of this government road map tunnel. Yet, it has undeniably felt like a very long durge, a winter that clung onto it’s allotted season that bit too long. We need a summer holiday.

The whimsy of wandering along, the taste of ice creams, the smell of sun cream, salt water, fresh air and fun. We need to breathe and have a breather. Even though the world may still be mostly shut down to us, England is opening back up. We may not need our passports, but that is no reason why we cannot have the best holiday in our home country. A change, they say, is as good as a rest and even giving yourself the permission to take a break, will give you the space you need. When working from home, taking breaks, having a weekend, let alone a holiday, can be harder to achieve than when you worked away from your home. It can feel lazy to stop working when you can work, your laptop, phone full of emails and instant availability is all right there. However, taking a break and a holiday is as valuable to you and to your family as ever before. It is not lazy to stop working. It is necessary, it invigorates, motivates, relaxes and rewards us.

So, if you are already asking yourself things to do with kids near me, or worrying about things to do and places to visit? We are here to offer some of our best recommendations for all the family, friends, beloveds and solo explorers. There really is something for everyone in Dorset.

For The Geology Lovers

Dorset is famous for its incredible Jurassic Coast, which is England’s only natural World Heritage Site. The Jurassic Coast spans from East Devon, West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland and Purbeck. The very best and most famous locations for fossil hunting are at Charmouth and Lyme Regis. Both locations are only one hour away from our own Dorset Adventure Park!

For the Movie Buffs and Book Lovers

Mary Anning was a pioneer in the field of paleontology and discovered her first dinosaur fossil of great historic significance at just the age of eleven. Mary’s incredible story is wonderfully captured for children in ‘Lightening Mary’ by Anthea Simmons. Not only can your children read all about her but they can take their inspiration and visit the home of her discoveries in Lyme Regis.

Although Mary Anning is one of the mostar significant paleontologists of the 1800’s, Mary was mostly uncredited and excluded from the professional writings of her Male contemporaries. Despite her finds being showcased in the British Museum, as a woman and an ‘amateur’, Mary was not allowed to become a member of the Geological Society of London. The beautiful, award-winning film Ammonite imagines Mary’s story. Kate Winslet stayed in a tiny cottage on the Dorset cliffs to get into character for the film. You can visit Dorset and really walk a mile in the pioneer’s shoes. See where they take you and what treasures you find…

You can also discover more at: https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/mary-anning-unsung-hero.html

For The Luxury Lovers

The Pig on The Beach is a beautiful Victorian manor, situated on Studland Bay. Named ‘Hotel of the Year’ by The Times, this is the perfect place to relax. A superb marriage of luxury and comfort, The Pig on the Beach creates an atmosphere of effortless elegance that puts visitors at complete ease – including families. Whether you visit the restaurant for a meal or indulge in an entire stay, it is an ideal spot to unwind. Best of all, the location is just a ten-minute drive from Dorset Adventure Park. Let the whole family expend all of their energy at the water park – conquering the mud trail and assault course, spring your way across the wibit inflatable total wipeout – return to the sumptuous hotel, treatment rooms, the sound of the sea, big beds and a lovely, lovely bath. Heaven. 

Book here: https://www.thepighotel.com/on-the-beach/

For The History Lovers

Corfe Castle Sunset

Built in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror, with the established site dating back even further to the Anglo-Saxon’s, Corfe Castle is one of the greatest historical sites to visit in the whole of England. Now run by the National Trust, you can walk the castle grounds and uncover the centuries of incredible stories that come from this place. The castle overlooks the beautiful little village of Corfe. The picturesque village has an authentically old-fashioned charm that is not just created by the cottages but in its community. From the village store – featuring quite the array of gins- bakery, beautiful church, sweet shop and spectacular views across the isle of Purbeck. Corfe Castle should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. The walks around the castle are fantastic, and the ancient history is there to walk right into. There is so much to learn, discover and conquer at Corfe Castle. Remarkably, Dorset Adventure Park has to be one of the only water parks in the UK where you can bounce along an inflatable assault course, mud run as if you were invading Normans and swim in a lake that is overlooked by a spectacular 11th Century castle. The water park is just a one-minute drive from the castle! 

To book your visit to Corfe Castle click here: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/corfe-castle

I think we can all agree, when it comes to a staycation this summer, Dorset really is the place to be. For the perfect day out in Dorset, just be sure to include a visit to Dorset Adventure Park: https://www.dorsetadventurepark.com/

Article by Olivia Lowry 2021

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