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Why our gift vouchers are the best present ever!

At Dorset Waterpark and Dorset Mud Trail, we offer gift vouchers for people to buy as presents. They allow the person to book in on a number of our activities and have some amazing fun in our equally as amazing setting. Whether this is on land, or on the water, you can be sure that our vouchers are amongst the most awesome gift that you can give someone.

Thinking about buying our vouchers as a gift? Want to know more about why we think that they are the best present ever? You should definitely read on…

We all have the fear of giving boring presents, after all, no-one wants to open something dull. Of course, when it comes to family and close friends, there is a good chance that you will have spent many years buying them gifts, which means that there will be duplicates. Rather than worrying about giving them the same old same old, then why not buy them vouchers and give them something different.

As people we are living in a world now that is full of gadgets and distractions away from spending some simple time together. The idea behind our gift vouchers is that they encourage people to spend some quality time together, enjoying one another’s company. You can buy them for couples or families and it will mean that they have a reason to put down those phones, get back to nature and get back to indulging in each others company too!

Memories last a lifetime, socks don’t! Even a high quality pair of socks are not going to last you a lifetime. Memories, on the other hand do. Whether you choose the Mud Trail or the Waterpark vouchers, you are going to have such a great time that the memories that you will make are going to last you a lifetime, which means that rather than ending up with a gift that lasts 5 minutes, you have a gift that you can treasure forever.

Our gift vouchers are not only an amazing present, but they are also a gift that they can enjoy long after, creating happy memories that will last them a lifetime.


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