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We have an amazing job opportunity to work for Dorset Adventure Park this 2022 Season. Find out more about the benefits of working with us and beginning your own Dorset adventure this Summer.

Dorset Adventure Park has opened a fresh round of applications to work with us for this Spring and Summer Season.  From offering a choice of either a full season contract, short season contract or a weekend and school holidays only, this is an incredible opportunity to find a job that perfectly suits you! A full-season contract will run from when the water park opens to the public in May 2022, right through to the end of the Summer season in September 2022. The short-season contract is for the summer months of July and August, making it the ideal role for students looking for work this summer. Whether you work weekends, the summer season or are there opening the gates this May, everyone is invited to the annual end of season packdown-party when September comes. That is because Dorset Adventure Park works and celebrates as one big, bouncing team!

Here are just some of the brilliant benefits there are to joining the team at Dorset Adventure Park.

The Outdoors

Remember all of those lockdowns we had? You know, those couple of years we just spent where we couldn’t leave our houses for months, step out much beyond a garden or socialise outside the ‘bubble’ of a few emergency contacts. Old Eastenders episodes were dusted off and played back on repeat. The nation baked endless banana breads, bought puppies, clapped on their doorsteps and stockpiled toilet roll and potatoes. A whole new generation of children were born and are henceforth known as ‘lockdown babies’.  Remember how quickly the novelty of all of this wore off and how bored and depressed we got as society?

What better remedy for years of off-again-on-again lockdowns than to apply for a job that focuses on the great outdoors. The outdoors and all of those adventures and activities that we missed and needed! At Dorset Adventure Park we are surrounded by 18 acres of woodland, have incredible views of the stunning Purbeck countryside, Corfe Castle and are set around two beautiful lakes.  Fresh air, sunshine, rain, a cool breeze and swimming. Instead of spending an entire summer cooped up indoors again, you could spend everyday outside. 


Did we mention that you would be working at an adventure park? Working might not always be easy and stress-free, but it definitely does not have to be boring! At Dorset Adventure Park we host birthday parties, a mud run obstacle course and giant inflatable Wibit obstacle courses on top of the big blue lakes. Laugh together as a team as you work, spending your days at a place where people come to laugh, lark and play. Working at Dorset Adventure Park is inherently sociable. No more bubbles of six or less people, of dividing households, not seeing friends, dating over video chat and zoom parties. Working with us means you are working together, meeting people every day and making friends. This unique job is unlike any other. If you don’t believe me, here are just a few of the testimonies from some of our team last year:

“One crazy dream.” -Michael

“Spectacular, escapism, wet.” – Wayne

“Every day is different, and keeps you on your toes.” – Tilly         


One of the exciting and key job roles at Dorset Adventure Park are the lifeguards. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and become qualified in a new and highly desirable skill. You  do not need to have prior experience as a lifeguard in order to apply for the role as all of the training and qualifications are provided by Dorset Adventure Park. This is an invaluable skill set to have, especially living near the coast in Dorset. This incredibly cool job will keep you fit, healthy and happy to be earning money in an important job role and responsibility that garners a lot of respect. 

Working with us also gives you the experience working along a cross sector of roles and always part of a team. This provides the added benefit of offering transferable skills and qualifications to your C.V. For once someone will actually have a great, relevant and interesting answer to the inevitable future interview question, “can you give me an example of when you worked as part of a team?” A friend of mine once secured her dream job after they asked in her interview, “can you give us an example of when you have paid close attention to detail?” and she answered, “when I hand-make lace.” It was unique, interesting and true! Whether working outdoors every day at an adventure park is your dream job or a job you want for now, it all counts towards relevant, useful and important training for our lives.


Dorset Adventure Park also provides an option of onsite accommodation

For some full time staff. This means you could spend your summer living by the lakes, in the countryside, surrounded by gorgeous woodlands and having a blast! Live your own adventure this summer. It certainly makes for a simpler commute to work.


We offer a very good rate of pay, well above national minimum wage. We also give generous bonuses for staff who work hard and don’t let us down.

Basic pay (inclusive of holiday pay)

Under 18 £7 an hour

18-20 £9 an hour

21-22 £11 an hour

23+ £12 an hour

Freelance staff £150 a day

(Freelancers are professional Outdoor Instructors or Teachers, who can jump straight into a lead role and supervise junior staff).

Whether you are thinking of applying as a lifeguard, receptionist or as part of our catering team, there could be the perfect place for you this Summer season at Dorset Adventure Park.

Discover more about how to become a team member today by filling out an application at the following link:

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