The Colour Trail Is Coming!

For just one weekend this summer you can set your world ablaze with our explosive colour trail! Discover what makes this event so special and how you can take part in this amazing and unforgettable activity.

For just two days this summer, Dorset Adventure Park is transforming their mud run into a volcanic rainbow of explosive colour. During the weekend of Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of August, tickets are available for this exclusive and exciting event.  Dorset Adventure Park’s typical trail in the mud and obstacle course will be even more of an adventure this weekend. The challenge and hilarity of the mud trail will be seasoned with extra fun when these colourful ingredients will be added. Slip, slide, race and roll your way through the obstacle course and paint yourselves with bursts of colour. This is your chance to really get stuck into some proper messy play and create unforgettable memories. Each session will allow for up to two hours on this living rainbow course. With limited availability it is vital to book your slots and avoid disappointment. 

With Saturday set to be another bright scorcher of a day, the colour trail will be the perfect way to celebrate the fun of the sun and have a chance to cool off with the mud!

The colour Trail will also be the perfect antidote to quite literally brighten-up a Sunday that is due to be more overcast. Why have a dull day when you can play with a giant painter’s palette instead? 

The colour trail is an ideal activity for those looking for things to do with kids near me and asking themselves, what is out there? Dorset Adventure Park’s colour trail makes for a fantastic family day out. As a recent visitor shared on TripAdvisor, ““Best day of the holiday” – a glowing recommendation from my critical 12 year old son!”. A day out at Dorset Adventure Park offers the opportunity to reconnect and bond as a family. By being playful and silly for afew hours, everyone can relax and laugh together. After all, school holidays are a time for wholesome, outdoor fun – especially with an added dash of wild and wonderful adventure. 

The colour trail makes for such a good family day out because not only is it brilliant and exciting for the children, it is genuinely fun for adults! From Hen Parties declaring the adventure park to be,“5-STAR highly recommend”, to team-building days out, birthdays being celebrated, Stags and even old friends coming together and catching up. Everyone is making memories to last, look back upon and laugh about together in the future.

Colour Trails, festivals and runs now hold varied meanings in our cultures. The unifying aspect of all of them is that  in all of these events, the explosions of colour are a form of celebration. There is an infectious joy and rush of positivity that is powered by the careering colours. The Colour Run first became popular in America back in 2011. The first event saw 6,000 people joining the event. A year later over 50 cities held a Colour Run and more than 600,000 took part. According to Running USA, the official Colour Run currently holds the title of the largest running event in the world!

From Colour Runs to the Life In Colour festivals (huge concert events that include live music with 

A big inspiration for the makers of The Colour Run, was the Life In Colour festival that considers itself to be, “world’s largest paint party”. At this enormous event, audiences are sprayed with paint as they experience live artists and electronic music. At these events, the audience are encouraged to wear white clothing to become the “canvas” for the paint. 

Every colour trail, run or event has one key cultural source as their inspiration, Holi Festival. Holi is a Hindu festival that is celebrated over two days. At its core, Holi festival marks the beginning of Spring and of good triumphing over bad, light over darkness. On the evening of the first day, a big bonfire is lit and around which people will gather. However, it is the images of the second day of the festival that is widely known, admired and the cause of so much inspiration. During the second day of Holi festival, people take to the streets and play at ‘holi’. Perfumed powder called gulal is pelted at everyone. This powder paints everyone, creating a giant colourful congregation and community. The colours blend and unite everyone, like a rainbow that you actually touch.

We may not all be lucky enough to go to India to celebrate the Holi festival, but you can create your own Summer celebration by joining Dorset Adventure Park for Their Colour Trail this weekend. Tickets are available on the website via the following link.

If a colour trail just isn’t your thing then the lakes with their wibit inflatables will still be open for you to leap across and enjoy. Either way, a beautifully wild and wonderful day spent at Dorset Adventure Park, is the best way to celebrate your summer. 

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