Bridgerton is Back: Discover The Best Places in Dorset To Promenade Together This Summer Season

Both Dorset Adventure Park and Bridgerton are back this week and to celebrate we have put together a list of the most beautiful places in Dorset to see and be seen.

Dorset Adventure Park swings open once again this Saturday and it is not the only entertainment that returns this week. The public summer season starts for Dorset Adventure Park on Saturday the 18th of May and Season 3 of the hit Netflix show Bridgerton, returns to screens this Thursday the 16th of May. Based on the series of novels by Julia Quinn, the show is vaguely set in regency era England – with a few twists and modernisations. When season one was first released there were some grumblings about all the historical inaccuracies. Fans of the era and of the revered regency Author, Jane Austen, were thrown by the poetic license applied to the sparkling, embellished costumes, anachronisms and the blind casting.  

Why, they lamented, would you mess with a classic concept that you know is great? Variety is the spice of life and even greatness can be tweaked and played with. It does not mean that what has gone before is any less brilliant, it just keeps things from feeling stale and stagnating like an old pond with no fresh water to run through it. 

Dorset Adventure Park already has a classic formula defined and adored by all, and yet fun and exciting updates have been made to the park layout, the wibit inflatables on both lakes and even on the epic mud trail. Dorset Adventure Park has never been afraid to keep things fresh! With the weather forecast for rain this Saturday – Dorset Adventure Park will be the perfect rainy day out. When it is going to be a wet weather day, then get into the spirit of things with the wet and wild waterpark. Embrace your inner Kate and Anthony Bridgerton and race each other across the lakes or challenge each other on the mud trail – which will be even muddier in the rain.

For days when the weather is sunnier and drier and you want a change of pace from the fun and excitement of Dorset Adventure Park, take inspiration from Season 3 of Bridgerton and discover the finest places to promenade in Dorset. To avoid the scorn and derision of Bridgertons Lady Whistledown, only the finest spots have been included on this exclusive list. A list worthy of the most glittering diamonds of the season!

Corfe Castle

Standing for a thousand years, Corfe Castle is always top on any list of the most spectacular places to visit. This royal site has held the hill overlooking Dorset Adventure Park throughout history and is currently looked after by the National Trust. There are always plenty of family activities, trails, stunning views and history to be explored at this ancient ruin. Infact, visiting ruins was a popular and fashionable activity during the Regency era and beautiful ruins like Corfe Castle and Tintern Abbey celebrated by famous poets of the time like William Wordsworth. A promenade at the ruins of Corfe Castle will suit those who relate best to the bookish Eloise Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington!

Max Gate – Hardy’s House

Max Gate, the home of author Thomas Hardy, is another top spot to visit for those who like Eloise Bridgerton who always have their noses in a book. Just a short walk from the center of the town of Dorchester, the house is another National trust property where you can take tours, explore the garden and walk the beautiful woodland trails that surround the house.

Kingston Lacey

If, like Daphne Bridgerton, you find yourself a fan of a breathtaking country pile like the fictional Clyvedon Castle, then a trip to Kingston Lacey is the perfect promenade place for you. Designed as a reimagined Venetian palace, this lavish estate is far from a typical family house and certainly fit for a Queen. Nestled in the heart of the Dorset countryside, you can enjoy the beauty of the English country garden as well as the parkland, heathland and meadowland. There are even iron age hill forts within this sprawling estate. If like Daphne, you also have family members who are keen art enthusiasts then they will appreciate the Spanish Room. Known as the ‘national gallery of the south west’, the room houses works from artists such as Rubens, Van Dyck, Titian and Brueghel, as wella s so much more.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum

Talking of art enthusiast, if like Benedict Bridgerton you are a creative soul, then take a trip to Russell-Cotes House, Galleries and Gardens. This Victorian villa is an overwhelming feast for the senses. The house is filled with a famous collection of objects and artworks from around the globe. This seaside spot is home to an incredible British art collection, including paintings from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Mapperton House and Gardens, Beaminster 

Perhaps like Violet Bridgerton, you appreciate botanical interests and beautiful flowers. This summer season is the ideal time for a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens of Mapperton House. This family house in the heart of Dorset is still the home to the Viscount and Viscountess Hinchingbrooke. Tour around one of the ‘nations finest manor houses’, explore the award winning gardens or even stretch our legs further with one of their beautiful countryside walks. Mapperton is a place both steeped in history and forward thinking in its efforts to rewild spaces, work with heritage and community sites to reimagine what it means to blend teh old with the new.

Whether you want to prom with the Ton or would rather wrestle through the mud and race across water, there is always an adventure worthy of Lady Whistledown in Dorset. 

Words by Olivia Lowry

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