It’s Party Time!

Its Party Time
Happy Birthdays are made at Dorset Adventure Park! Discover the details of our party packages and what’s on offer for your child’s unforgettable birthday adventure.

Dorset Adventure Park is back and packed full of fun for all of the family. One of the many great things on offer at the aqua park is the Dorset Adventure Park party packages. These party packages are available to book for friends and family looking to throw the perfect party. At Dorset Adventure Park children’s parties are available at weekends, during the school holidays and even in the evenings during term time. This May, the water park reopened for the summer and the first tripadvisor review of the season is all about the brilliant birthday party they had. Annie from Weymouth wrote:

Best Birthday Party Ever!! We had our daughter’s 12th birthday party at The Dorset Adventure Park. They all did the Muddy Trail and had the best time ever. We had the use of one of the enclosures over the duration which was all set up with balloons etc. I really couldn’t have asked for more. The staff were lovely, the food was great and all the children had the best time. To top it off we were presented with the most enormous personalised chocolate cake. It was definitely the best party we’ve had yet. Thank you all.”

Annie booked the Mud Trail Party Package which is £18.50 per child. This package includes a two hour time slot for your party to conquer and complete the Mud Trail, which includes more than 50 obstacles to cross and a whole lot of muddy mayhem! This package also includes party food, as well as our famous personalised chocolate cake to crown the celebrations! As mentioned in Annie’s review, parties are also provided with a private party area, reserved with exclusive use for an hour. That’s a three hour birthday party with food and entertainment all provided for in one neat package! 

Dorset Adventure Park also provides a Water Park Party Package too for £30 per child. This action packed party is held for an hour across the two beautiful blue lakes, with the cost of the wetsuit hire included. The birthday choice is also provided with a special “Birthday Boy/ Girl” logo on their rash vest! This package also includes the party food and the personalised chocolate cake, as well as a reservation for the exclusive private party area. 

If you can’t choose between the fun of the water park and the muddy mayhem of the mud trail, then for £37.00 per child you can pick the Combined Waterpark and Mudtrail Party Package! For this four hour party you have one hour on the lakes (with the wetsuit and sock hire included, as well as the Birthday rash vest), before switching over to the fantastic fun of the mud trail. You will then have the party food and personalised chocolate cake in the private party area, reserved for you for an hour. 

All of the party packages include special Dorset Adventure Park party invitations that are available to download via the website. The party food is the just the thing you fancy after all of that fun and adventure – a delicious chicken, beef, veggie burger, or chicken nuggets, chips and a cool can of drink. Just inform the waterpark of any special dietary requirements two weeks before your party. 

Its Party Time

If these party packages sound like just the ticket book your package soon as Dorset Adventure Park is extremely popular and availability can sell out. All children’s parties have a minimum of 8 children per party. The Mud trail is open to any children aged 4 and up, with the Waterpark available to all children aged 6 and over. Dorset Adventure Park provides the party and all you need to make sure is that each child has with them: 

  • A signed waiver for every child, which can be completed through a link on the booking confirmation email.
  • Swimwear for the Waterpark.
  • Old clothes for Mud Trail, including shoes.
  • A towel
  • A bin bag for wet and muddy clothes. 

One of the brilliant benefits of hosting a children’s birthday party at Dorset Adventure Park is that the mess and chaos is all in the park and not at your house! At Dorset Adventure Park you can just concentrate on having a good time and making memories as a family, instead of spending a fortune on catering party food. You won’t have to quietly wince at the thought of clearing up after the catastrophe of party rings, hula hoops, and jelly-and-ice-cream trodden into carpets, smooshed onto sofas by sticky hands and spending the next year finding all the little bits of confetti that somehow gets everywhere! 

With a party at Europe’s best waterpark, that holds a 5 star rating on tripadvisor, you know you are guaranteed great entertainment for your children and an adventure that they will never forget. Many of the children we know were born in or had birthday parties during the doomsday limbo that was Covid lock down era. Not only did this limit any birthday parties to whoever was already in your house or protective bubble but the result of all those years of isolation has meant that children are more shy, anxious and reserved than ever. Socialising at school and parties is more daunting than it has ever been. Expecting the children of today to breezily engage with each other and play without feeling self conscious isn’t realistic. So a party where the focus is on the activity and not on each other, children open up and connect once more. Children now often experience greater threshold anxiety, when they enter a room or a gathering and feel acute anxiety (often making them quiet, reticent or tearful). Days out at places like Dorset Adventure Park are bonding because the focus is on bouncing around, laughing as you slip and splash across inflatable obstacles on the lakes; or wriggling, squelching and clambering together through the mud trail. It is a recipe for a great day out, as uncomplicated, simple and happy as childhood should be. Book a party package today, form bonds and make memories at Dorset Adventure Park that you and your children will never forget.

Its Party Time
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